Welcome to the Techies Trade Channel

Hello all, Welcome to our channel. This is an initiative by group of software professionals to share, extract, discuss & exchange the ideas on the area of Software Technologies & Share Market Trading. Few reasons why this channel started ;

  1. On the technology side, lot of innovations happening. One task can be done in different ways using advanced technologies and AI automation methods. The channel mainly aims to focus on the questions, queries & suggestions anybody can request and get it answered by other techies in the Forum section. Similarly our group (TechiesTrade) would post lot of innovation matters and the new happening on the blog section.
  2. We have been observed no. of traders (as we are techies, observed our colleagues) loosing the money without having good understanding on the underlying stock fundamentals & technical methods. We have defined 2 groups in Fortum section i.e., Intraday (where the trades discussions for the same day) & Delivery (discussions on holding shares for longer time durations). Please note these suggestions are based on individual view points, hence you can discuss, debate and extract the right pick for your trade.

Disclaimer : TechiesTrade is just a Forum to discuss on various topics include ShareMarket, we as a group neither endorsed nor advice any content to be followed here. It is just for knowledge purpose as its shared by different people and while doing any live trades please check with your financial advisor and do the trades cautiously.

by TechiesTrade Team.